How to install the connecting rod lock?

Jan 17, 2024

Linkage lock is a common type of door lock, which connects the door lock core and door handle through a linkage mechanism, so that when opening the door, rotating the door handle can simultaneously rotate the door lock core, achieving the purpose of opening and closing the door. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the installation method and usage scenarios of connecting rod locks, so that readers can have a better understanding and use of connecting rod locks

1. Installation Method of Connecting Rod Lock

1. Preparation of Tools and Materials

The tools and materials required for installing the connecting rod lock include: screwdriver, steel ruler, pencil, electric drill, wooden drill bit, wrench, hammer, caliper, wire saw, lock body, lock core, lock tongue, door handle, connecting rod, screw, etc

2. Confirm installation position

Before installing the connecting rod lock, it is necessary to confirm the installation position.

. In general, the connecting rod lock should be installed on the inside of the door, 20-30cm away from the edge of the door. The specific location needs to be determined based on the thickness of the door and the size of the lock

3. Install the lock body

Install the lock body in the appropriate position on the door, use a steel ruler and pencil to draw the centerline of the lock body, and then use an electric drill and a wooden drill to drill two holes with diameters of 5mm and 25mm on the centerline. The hole size should be equal to the length of the lock body.

. Then place the lock body into the hole and fix it to the door with a screwdriver and screws

4. Install the lock cylinder

Insert the lock cylinder into the lock body and secure it with a wrench.

. Then measure the length of the locking tongue with a caliper, adjust it to the appropriate length, and install it on the lock cylinder

5. Install the door handle and connecting rod. Insert the door handle into the lock cylinder and secure it with a screwdriver. Then insert the connecting rod into the interface between the lock cylinder and the door handle, and use a wire saw to cut it to the appropriate length. Afterwards, connect the connecting rod to the door handle and secure it with a screwdriver

6. Testing the Use of Locks After installation, it is necessary to test the use of the lock. First, close the door, turn the lock cylinder with the key, and confirm that the lock tongue can smoothly extend and retract, and the door can be opened and closed smoothly. If there are any abnormal situations that need to be adjusted

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